Thursday, 10 April 2014

Week 14

Week 14 was tough, with easterly winds all week the fishing seemed to be slow although more fish were starting to show however seemed to be running on through and not taking much notice of our flies! Frustrating, but Perserverance payed off for Ross Wheeler who landed his first ever Salmon on the fly! From jockie Fyfe Craigendinnie bank. A great result and a cracking 12lb sealicer!
A good end to the week and to march, having hit our 5 year average lets hope for some more fish to move up and start holding up in the beat.
Next week has given milder weather and westerly winds, will be nice to see the end to those easterly's!
Picture doesn't do it justice. 12lb on the scales.

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Week 13

With a stable river at around 1'6" for most of the week every pool is fishing now! This week was a party which took Commonty, Banchory, aboyne castle and Craigendinnie. 2 fish were landed for AC and Craigendinnie beats, one from crofts on George's bank and the first fish from the Lorne AC bank. There is a gravel build up at the top of the Lorne this year so let's see if it starts producing a few more fish. Another good fish was lost from Symonds. Monkeys did the trick with float and sink tip lines. And most fish seem to be getting caught in the afternoons or evenings. We are at the 5 year average now so another on Monday would do nicely! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Last cast saloon!!

After a difficult 3 days of seeing no fish showing, high downstream winds and high water it has been testing to say the least. However Gary and Karen persevered and Gary was rewarded with a cracking 8lb spanking fresh bar of silver from crofts at 5:00pm!! A very well deserved fish!!! Let's hope they start playing ball now!! 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Last week...

Well last week the river was like a yo-yo! With rising and falling water we didn't see too many fish, the water dropped away nicely Wednesday and Thursday resulting in Tony landing a nice 7lbr, but with mild temperatures and high winds it was soon back up! A very well deserved fish for Tony, adding it to the craigendinnie numbers.
Let's hope the river settles a bit for next week!
Here's a few pics, who says fishing in March is always cold and wet!

Monday, 10 March 2014

First week....

With the warm temperatures and high waters through February we were all very optimistic for the first week! George started opening day with a cracking springer from the craigendinnie bank in Jockie Fyfe for his guests, although the remainder of the week seemed to be pretty slow. By Thursday a few fish seemed to be moving about with another fish being landed from Rail End, Waterside, and Deecastle all landing fish. Friday aboyne castle landed the first springer of the season! Caught by Alex Coutts, we knew he would winkle one out! The water has come up again on Sunday so I'm very hopefull for this coming week! There are still plenty of fish in the middle dee with reports of long tail seas liced fish being caught as high as Commonty! These fish are moving up quick!!

The foundations are in for Craigendinnie's new hut!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Some flies for the spring!

Black n yellow
Willie gun variation
Franc n snaelda black & yellow
B&Y snaelda
Micro snaelda
Franc n snaelda black and blue

Hoping to have a good spring with these!

Feel free to get in touch for any orders: